Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to Leave Sioux Falls!

We had a great morning today as Orinda visited with her doctor who said she was doing great after her surgery and could hit the road. The physician was very interested (and a bit wistful) about the idea of fulltime rving and was very supportive of Orinda moving on. She is still a bit sore, but ready to go. We enjoyed staying at the Fairground in Sioux Falls as you can see by Cody's happy expression. There were a few rigs in the park, but plenty of room for many more.

We headed out towards Forest City to have the troublesome microwave replaced next Monday, but decided to stop in Emmetsburg, IA at the Wildrose Casino and RV park which is on the way to Forest City. Our first stop in Iowa was at Estherville where we stoped and had lunch in the coach. Cody like the impressive city identifyer and wanted it recorded.

We arrived at the casino and found only 4 coaches in over 70 sites -- plenty of room. The casino was very big and only a couple years old, so it was a nice stop over. Plus, the site only cost $16 for the night which included breakfast -- a nice deal (of course, we made a donation at the casino!). We also enjoyed the site right on this small lake which was loaded with Canada geese.

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