Sunday, June 15, 2008

Visting Cody, Wyoming!

We spent two days at Cody, Wyoming -- a great place to experience the Old West! Established by none other than Buffalo Bill Cody, this town has much to see and do. While we passed on the Cody Nightly Rodeo this time (we have been several times before), the rodeo is a wonderful event to see!

My parents accompanied us on a tour of the amazing Buffalo Bill Historical Center ( ) which houses 5 wonderful museums. These include the Cody Firearms Museum with 3,000 historic firearms; The Western Art Museum with many pieces by Charlie Russell, Remington, and more; The Plains Indians Museum, The Natural History Museum; and perhaps my favorite, the Buffalo Bill Museum. There are many great artifacts such as this original Buffalo Bill publicity poster (110 years old) as well as the original Deadwood Stagecoach!

We spent part of two days here (your $15 admission is good for two days) and certainly did not see everything. This is a world class museum with great exhibits.

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