Thursday, June 12, 2008

On To Sheridan, WY

We ran into some heavy headwinds today as we moved on to Sheridan (why is it always headwinds??). The roads were good and we saw pronghorn antelope and elk on the hills.

Sheridan ( ) is an interesting spot--located in what was practically the center of the Indian Wars-- that is growing fast given the new push for energy exploration. We spent two nice days and did a bit of sightseeing.

First, we visited the Trail End house which is spectacular. This 14,000 sq ft. house was built by John Kendrick, a very successful rancher and politician in the early 1900's. The house is fully furnished as it was in 1913 and is very well worth a visit. Take a look at the website at: There are great features inside and outside the home for you to see such as amazing wood floors and trim, a "modern" kitchen and a ballroom on the attic level as well as servants quarters, and incredible basement with laundry and utilities. This beautiful flower is part of the garden outside. The house had extensive grounds originally and now part of that is home to bison and elk. There is an elevator so it is easy for people with disabilities to also see the home.

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