Sunday, April 15, 2012

A nice boat cruise on the Harris Chain

We took a great boat run on the Harris Chain of Lakes and the Dora Canal, which is a beautiful waterway that connects two of the lakes in the area. Our pontoon boat is perfect for these runs and easily seats the 7 of us.

The canal is full of wild animals, especially birds and gators. This critter was a big boy and was easily over 10' long. 

The birds are beautiful and this great egret was happy to pose for us. 

 Here is another gator which was not at all afraid of us. The gators are at the top of the food chain and certainly know they are in control. These are very impressive predators.

One of the great things with a cruise on the canal, is a nice lunch at a waterside grill. We especially enjoyed the chance to eat outside on the porch in perfect weather. That is why we are in Florida for the winter!

On the way back, we cranked up the motor and experienced a nice breeze on the boat. However, Jim's cap was a bit loose and flew nicely off and into the lake. Fortunately, Jim is good with a boat hook and was able to rescue the cap from a watery doom!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like fun! Definitely prefer a pontoon boat to a kayak when there are gators around:)