Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A New Coach for Rick and Orinda

A couple of weeks ago, Orinda and Rick found a 42' long Winnebago Tour that offered a number of great enhancements over our 40' coach that we have enjoyed for over 3 years. We were fortunate enough to receive a great offer and decided to get it!

The new coach uses a "tag" axle in the back to support to extra length which makes for a great ride as well as much greater room in the coach.

One of Orinda's real desires was to get a "real" washer dryer, which you can see here. Enclosed in this closet area next to the bath, this does a great job of whittling laundry down to size.

She also loves the 32" TV located in the bedroom which features two slideouts providing quite a bit more room than we had before.

In fact, the bedroom is big enough to have a full king bed which we love. It is amazing how much bigger the kind is versus the queen bed we had before.

The rest of the coach also offered many other features such as a large, well appointed kitchen, a very nice living area and a full tile floor.

The cabinetry is one of Rick's favorite features and is made of solid cherry. We are both impressed with the craftsmanship the coach exhibits and the comfort it provides. We think we will enjoy continuing to live fulltime in this great coach for the foreseeable future.

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Anonymous said...

Rick and Orinda, my husband and I also own the Tour 42AD, the same exterior color, but different interior color. We love it. We are not full time yet, but hope to be. Congrats and best of luck!

Elaine and John