Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 2011 Tavares Classic Boat Show

Last weekend the Tavares boat landing was the site of the annual Antique and Classic Boat show which is spectacular to say the least. There were many (over 100?) magnificent classic boats of almost every description on land, and as you can see, in the water!

This boat is the Miss America IX -- built in 1930 and raced by the famous Gar Wood.

The Miss America IX was the first boat to exceed 100 mph and was highly successful in unlimited racing. It was amazing to see this fabulous craft up close. I could only imagine the effort it takes to restore this boat and to bring it to shows.

Here is another Gar Wood classic - dating from around the 1930 era, this was a fast boat, but obviously smaller -- and less costly -- than the Miss America.

It was remarkable to see boat after boat in the water that are fully restored and in use. Several of these boats were touring around throughout the day. While a number of these were true classics, many more were recent recreations of the classic boat concepts.

You can buy boats like this ready to go, or build one from a kit. I can only imagine what is involved from a wood working perspective to build a beautiful boat like this. The finish is mirror smooth and looks like a work or art.

This is the Au Revoir, K12, a 1929 Hacker 24’ Gentlemen's Race Boat that has been fully restored. This was just beautiful and is a great example of a true classic. I would have loved to have been the "gentleman" who went out on this.

Of course, not every classic boat is a wooden hulled beauty. This is more Rick's speed and is similar to boats he had as a kid. Actually, this is a reasonable cost approach to boating in general and still allows you to join the classic boat set. Pretty cool!

Here is one of my favorites -- the aquacar! There were several of these at the meet and occasionally, one would start up, drive down the ramp and swim into the water. Look closely and you can just see the two props under the rear of the car. Not fast, but pretty slick!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great looking boats. Almost all of my boats have been fiberglass because the many hours of labor needed to keep these wonderful old boats up is too much for me, but I sure enjoy looking at them.