Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BikeFest in Leesburg, FL

Leesburg hosts a large motorcycle rally called the BikeFest during the end of April and features about 200,000 bikers who attend. We were at the Recreation Plantation RV Park in Lady Lake, FL which is located about 8 miles north of Leesburg, so we wondered if any motorcycles would appear near us. Well, we soon found the answer:

We were amazed at the wonderful RVs that showed up towing trailers filled with motorcycles. This 40' class C coach was beautiful and featured a Freightliner chassis.

There were several trailers like this one -- called a "stacker". As you can see, this is actually a two level trailer that contained about 8 motorcycles as well as a living area in the front. The door doubled as a electrically driven lift the moved up and down to load the bikes. Amazing! The trailer was pulled by a full-sized Freightliner tractor.

Finally, we were very impressed with these two H3 45' Prevost coaches. Both of these pulled a triple axle stacker trailer like the one above and were beautiful (so were the motorcycles they unloaded). This motorcycle hobby is a serious business!

We had a great time talking with the folks as we walked Cody, our dog and found they were from all over the country (and Canada). Several riders were really interested in our fulltime lifestyle and I suspect we were really kindred souls at heart.

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CarrieBearie said...

Hi! Just came across your blog when researching boat outings in Florida. We just bought our Tour in Oct. and started full-timing end of Jan.! It doesn't look like it, but I'm wondering if you guys have been up to Alaska yet...? We're hoping to get up there next year. We had some frustrating problems with our Tour (still a couple, like with the rubber seals on our slide outs and the locking mechanism on them), but are very happy with this lifestyle! We have our two dogs and two cats with us - feels just like home! :) I started a blog too, a bit before we shoved off: http://carriebartonphotos.blogspot.com/ Also, my hubby is radio-control buff too! He bought an RC sailboat early on our trip and has gotten to sail it a few times. And we're headed to Lakeland Friday to visit friends and for him to do the big "Top Gun" RC plane show. Say "hey!" if you see this comment (sometimes I forget to check for them on my blog...!)
Carrie B.