Saturday, October 17, 2009

Visiting the Battery in Charleston, SC

We spent a few days in Charleston, SC visiting the sights, including the beautiful battery area which is right downtown and on the harbor. This is where the Civil War actually started as cannons located here fired on Fort Sumter which is located in the middle of the harbor.

Ft. Sumter, seen above, was where the Union troops moved after vacating Ft. Moultrie, which is on the north side of Charleston harbor. After firing on Ft. Sumter for 34 hours, the fort surrendered.

Charleston continued to be a focal point for the war for years and this monument located in the Battery area recalls the Confederate defenders of the town.

Surrounding the Battery area are many fabulous old homes that have been restored to their former glory. Orinda thought she would like this one!

Rick was impressed with this cannon that may have fired shots at Ft. Sumter. Apparently, people sat on their porches and watched as these guns hammered Ft. Sumter.

Imagine standing on the porch of this home and watching the start of the Civil War!

These guns still give a Civil War flavor to the area. Today, there are many great things to see in Charleston and we look forward to seeing Patriot's Point, Ft. Moultrie and many other sights in the area.

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