Saturday, March 21, 2009

Traveling across Texas

We had a wonderful time at Palm Creek, but it is time to head east toward Florida. We traveled through New Mexico and then entered the great state of Texas -- and is it big! We stopped at a rest area in the Texas Valley and were amazed at the fantastic rock formations. Cody was also very impressed at the sign warning us about snakes!

The rest area was large and convenient and we decided to have lunch while we were parked. A nice stop.

There were many of these large rocks all over the area, but within a couple miles, we entered a very flat, desert area again. A very interesting terrain.

Right after we had lunch at the rest area, we stopped for fuel. After Rick filled it up, we cranked up, but the Low Air alarm in our coach went off -- our air pressure for air brakes and air suspension was dropping fast! We drove into a close parking lot and since this was a Saturday and there were no service facilities around, Rick decided to to take a look and see what was going on. After crawling under the coach, he found that a purge valve was jammed open (the brass valve on the picture above is the offending culprit!). Rick cleaned it up and tapped it with a plastic handle -- lo and behold, it clicked and then worked! Cool! We took off and had no further problems that day and made it to Ozona, TX for the night.

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