Thursday, July 17, 2008

More from the FMCA Rally

One great thing about these rallies is the chance to meet with vendor experts and old friends. We were delighted to touch base with Dave and Linda, who we have gotten to know from our travels in Florida. Fortunately for us, they also really like Cody and bring him treats! This photo was taken with the orange bench as they are huge Tennessee Vols alumni and fans (also works for Clemson).

While we were at the Rally, we decided to get a satellite dish antenna. We settled on the KingDome which is made right here in the Twin Cities area. In addition to a great Rally price, we also got professional installation. Wow -- how cool is it now to watch Direct TV without going out and setting up the tripod dish by hand. Here you can see the dome being installed.

We did wander around some more new coaches - there were several hundred to choose from! Although the RV market is soft, there are many great deals out there and lots of choices. Here are just a few of the coaches available.

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