Monday, December 24, 2007

Fulltime at Last!

We hit the road as "Real" fulltimers on Friday, 12/21. We left the house empty and for sale. Of course, getting the last items out of the house and getting the house clean and ready to show, took quite a while longer than we expected. Plus, we had to finish loading the coach. Thus, we didn't get underway until late in the afternoon and decided to only go to Sioux Falls for the night at the Tower Campground. I was worried about how well the coach would handle the low temperatures (we got down to about 12 degrees) and ended up placing a couple of trouble lights in the water bays to keep things warm. I was able to measure the temps using a wireless thermometer and sensors in each compartment. This worked great and I found the compartments stayed at about 38 to 40 degrees overnight.

What a real thrill to think that we were finally underway!

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