Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Riding on the Cart Paths in The Villages

We had heard of the extensive golf cart road system that was in The Villages and we were eager to check them out. Here, Orinda is ready to go for a ride after getting some coffee at the nearby McDonald's, where it is not uncommon at all to see golf carts go through the drive through.

 The cart paths are really amazing and cover literally hundreds of miles. As a result, even thought there are over 50,000 carts in the Villages, the traffic on the paths is not bad at all. Of course, The Villages covers over 30 square miles, so these carts are spread out over quite a bit of territory. This is a typical stretch and is well over two cart widths wide, so it is easy to travel on them.

 We enjoy tooling around and enjoying the scenery, such as this view of one of the Executive golf courses. Everything is always neat, clean and beautiful. The speed limit for golf carts is 19.9 mph, which is pretty fast for a golf cart.

 Here is our "self portrait" in shadow form as we travel by some of the many flowers that line the paths. These flowers are changed several times a year and always look great. Adds a great touch to our travels in the golf cart.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sounds like fun, We have looked at the Villages and would have been an option to live there, except it is too far from the grandkids. I was dreaming of having a souped up demon golf cart:)